Guard Tour Control Systems

We have been manufacturing watchman clocks and guard control systems for almost 60 years. Datix patrol control systems by SAVV are professional and reliable. Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G is our new real time guard tour system with 2G and 3G network capabilities, RFID tag reading, GPS tracking and built-in lone worker monitoring alert system (panic button, fall detection and emergency call). We provide also off line RFID guard control systems with USB and TCP/IP data downloading (Datix Proxim and Datix Proxim Plus). Read more...

Time and Attendance Terminals

We design and market clocking systems for the control of time and attendance. We provide either wall/desk or handheld solutions. Datix NaNo and Datix NaNo G are our new pocket size RFID handhelds for the management of the mobile workforce, also in real time via the GPRS. Indeed, Datix NaNo G can transmit the collected data in real time to the monitoring station through a fully featured 2-way GPRS connection. Datix NaNo G is now available with embedded GPS receiver and lone worker alert system. Read more...

Man down Alert Systems

Ensure the safety of workers engaged in solitary activities in potentially hazardous situations with our portable lone worker monitoring devices. Our flexible solutions do require neither dedicated radio networks nor connection to third party web servers. Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G includes motion sensor, panic button, gps tracking and voice transmission. Datix NaNo G Safe Edition is our latest man down device with embedded GPS receiver. The device is able to raise an alarm in case of panic (SOS), fall detection and prolonged no movement. Read more...


Datix2App for your Smartphone

With Datix2App you can convert your smartphone into a Datix handset. Includes NFC tag reading, GPS tracking and man down alert system for lone workers. Read more...

Guard tour and staff attendance monitoring with Datix2Cloud

Datix2Cloud is our new Cloud solution for guarding services management, staff attendance monitoring and GPS tracking. With Datix2Cloud you can benefit from the best available technology, thereby reducing time and costs. You can easily manage workload peaks or temporary jobs without having to make investments in servers or PCs.

Products at a glance

Wi-Trak Pro 3G
RFID, 2G/3G cellular, GPS and man-down

The new all in one multi-purpose handheld: guard tours, time and attendance, lone's worker alert system.

RFID guard tour system

Datix Proxim is a RFID patrol control system designed for the electronic certification of guarding services. Extremely strong and reliable.

Portable RFID clocking system

Cost effective pocket size RFID clocking terminal for moving workers. Clock-in, clock-out and USB data downloading.

NaNo G
Real time clocking system

Portable RFID time and attendance reporting system, now in real time with GPS and man down system for lone workers.

NaNo G Safe
Lone worker's alert system

Portable device for lone workers engaged in potentially dangerous solitary activity. Panic, loss of verticality and no movement detection.

Valuable and cost-effective

SAVV has been manufacturing watchman's clocks since 1958. Easy, rugged and reliable. 1x1,5V battery and 4 screws for wall mounting.


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