Our Software

SAVV S.r.l. develops desktop, web and cloud applications which allow the Customer to manage all Datix peripherals and switch easily from a paper-based to a computer-based management of his business. We offer complete, high-performance and scalable solutions which range from single-seat installation to client-server distributions.

Software Datix
The desktop solution

Datix Suite is a cost-effective software solution ideal for managing guarding services and monitoring personnel attendance. Ideal for single-seat installations, Datix Suite allows the creation of the entries of the database, the local configuration of all Datix devices, the downloading of the data collected by Datix units and the production of timely and valuable reports which generate effective information to better run your operation. Read more...

Suite WEB
The web base solution

Datix Suite WEB is a full web base solution for the management of guarding services and personnel attendance. Ideal for big multi-seat organizations looking for centralized data management, Datix Suite WEB allows remote users to access the software from any location provided with internet connection including tablets and mobile PCs. Read more...

The unified platform for the management of Datix peripherals

Datix RTS is the core of the interaction between the data center and remote Datix peripherals. The platform includes many interacting software tools able to supervise the communication with remote equipments and useful to forward and manage the received data. Read more...