Data recovery code for Datix Magnet and Datix Proxim

Here you can create the recovery codes to restore readings (scans) on Datix Magnet (standard version, no ATEX) and Datix Proxim handheld. Once readings (scans) have been restored download again using your software. To create a data recovery code select the type of your reader/handheld, enter its serial number (numeric portion only) and indicate the number of readings (scans) to be restored (Magnet -> max 6000 records, Proxim -> max. 5000 records). Finally press Get code to obtain the recovery code for the selected reader. Code validity: 24 hrs

If you're using Datix Magnet ATEX (explosion proof) please contact SAVV to obtain your recovery code.

Reader/Handheld type
Serial number (numbers only, no LT or L0)
Readings (Scans) to restore