Repairs and returns - Obtain RMA number

If you need to return a hardware item for evaluation and repair we recommend you to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before you ship your equipment to us. To obtain a RMA please gather as much information as possible about each piece of equipment you are returning and the problem(s) you are having.

If you have used this tool in the past and, therefore, you already know the full process you can click immediately one of the two following buttons.

If this is your first time using this procedure then read the instructions below and use the buttons at the bottom of the page.

What is a RMA?

A Return Merchandise authorization (RMA) is a part of the process of returning a product to manufacturer for evaluation, repair or replacement. The RMA number identifies the repair process and allows you to monitor, at anytime, its progress.

Who can request a RMA number?

All customers that have purchased a SAVV product are entitled to repair services and may request a RMA number.

Information needed to obtain a RMA number

1. your Shipping address

2. your Billing address (if other than the shipping address)

3. a list of the items you are returning with a brief description of the problems you are having

4. shipping method

5. email or FAX number to which the quote will be sent (required also if your product is covered under warranty)

How many items per RMA?

You may create an RMA for a maximum of 30 products per request.

How do I obtain a RMA number?

You can obtain the RMA number in two ways:

1- through the online procedure accessible by clicking on ONLINE RMA. Once you enter all the required data the RMA number is generated and a copy of the document containing that number will be sent to your email address. Make a copy of the RMA document and place it in the box with your items (see next section). If the settings of your browser do allow the RMA system to interact with your printers then you can also print a copy of the RMA document on-the-fly. The Print Dialog Box appears. After printing is finished or canceled the Print Dialog Box closes automatically;

2- by downloading a blank RMA form which already contains a pre-assigned RMA number. To download the form click on DOWNLOAD FORM, then fill out all requested fields and send it back immediately to SAVV (prior to returning the material) at or +39 0383 371024 (FAX). Eventually make a copy of the RMA document you have transmitted to SAVV and place it in the box with your items (see next section).

What after I get my RMA document?

Make a copy of the RMA document and place it in the box with your items.The RMA number must be placed visibly and clearly on all shipping documentation, associated correspondence, and all shipping containers.

Ship your package back to us at the following address SAVV S.r.l. Via Palli 2, 27053 LUNGAVILLA ITALY - RMA: [include your RMA# here]

All shipment costs, duties, taxes (if applicable) and in-transit damages caused by improper packaging or handling are the responsibility of the customer.

NOTICE: remember that if you choose to download the PDF form you must fill it out and send it back to SAVV prior to returning the material. You must also place a copy of the document in the box with your items.

When we receive your package

1. we will inventory and evaluate your equipments,

2. if your product is no longer covered under warranty fees may apply. The fees are determined once the defective/faulty product has been received and evaluated by our RMA department,

3. You will be contacted via email or FAX with a quote before any work is done for your approval. Your approval is required also in case your product is covered under warranty.

What is my warranty period and what services does my warranty entitle me to?

Your standard warranty entitles you to the repair or replacement of defective parts during the warranty period. Please refer to user manual or sale documentation for detailed information about warranty terms.