Datix Suite WEB Web base software for guarding services and staff attendance management

Datix Suite WEB is a web base software solution for the centralized management of guarding services, staff attendance and alarm monitoring.

Why Datix Suite WEB

More efficient - Thanks to the "network" the users of Datix Suite WEB can access the data via a web browser virtually from anywhere, including mobile PCs and tablets. The centralized architecture makes every user free to manage the system in full mobility by eliminating almost completely all support issues typical of desktop installations. With Datix Suite WEB the code of the application is installed on the server and each user accesses the system through a web browser over the network.

More secure - The centralization of data means more security and less recovery time in the event of failure. Each update is immediately available for all users. Even the backup tasks are more efficient allowing the necessary redundancy to minimize the possibility of data loss in case of viruses or intrusions.

Cost effective - The web version of Datix Suite allows you to minimize investments and reduce operating costs. The user's ability to perform their work through the web browser allows you to use in the various locations "common" machines without any special requirements in terms of performance and cost.

Main features

Being an ASP.NET solution, the code of Datix Suite WEB operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers and it uses a MySQL data storage system. The database can be installed either in the same server running Datix Suite WEB or in a dedicated backed-up machine. Datix Suite WEB allows remote users to access the software from any location provided with internet connection including tablets and mobile PCs.

  • Creation of users and permissions
  • Database entries with information about Customers/Sites, devices, tag/chip IDs, operators
  • Database entries printouts
  • Database management with dedicated functions (data restoring, data importing from Datix legacy software products and raw data exporting)
  • Customer/Site, device and personnel standard reports (see below for additional reports specific to guarding services and staff attendance)
  • Pdf and Excel printout
  • Report dispatching via email
Functions specific to guarding services

The software comes with functions and tools specific to guarding services. The software allows two types of job scheduling: the so called service order and programmed guard tour. The service order is a special type of job scheduler which allows the fractioning of each working day in one or more time slots with the additional ability to indicate the number of readings expected for each tag belonging to the given service order. Tags included in the service order may belong to different customers. After having assigned the tags to the service order you need to setup a valid schedule (daily or weekly) and select the type of service required. The software allows you also to control the time gap between two back-to-back readings of same tag. Instead a programmed guard tour is constitued by a series of tags to be read once or more during the day. Each programmed guard tour is always identified by its start tag, maximum duration and related grace time. Some programming options are available among which the possibility to control the sequence of the tags and the time gap between them. A tour done with on-line devices can be monitored in real time through Datix RTS Monitor. The service order and programmed tour reports allow to compare the expected results with personnel performance during a specific period of time.

Functions specific to personnel attendance

The software comes with functions and tools specific to staff attendance management. The software allows two job scheduling modes for each employee: basic and advanced. By the basic mode you can configure the daily total hours expected at each customer's site. Instead, by the advanced mode you can configure the employee's exact clock in/out time expected at each customer's site. Grace time options and rounding rules are available for both the programming modes. Daily, weekly and monthly job calendars definition is supported as well. The staff attendance reports allow to compare the expected results with the real clock-in and clock-out. The reports also provide the calculation of the total hours worked during a specific period of time.

RTS Monitor on the Web

It is the web edition of RTS Monitor and it is one of the most valuable components of Datix Suite WEB. In addition to providing real time information either on the connection status of Datix remote units or the progress of the ongoing planned activities (e.g.: programmed tours) RTS Monitor signals through acoustic and visual alerts the reception of any alarms transmitted by Datix peripherals provided with GSM/GPRS live connection capabilities. Depending on the Datix peripheral in use RTS Monitor may display the following alerts:

  • panic (SOS)
  • loss of verticality (man-down)
  • no-movement
  • low battery
  • device on/off

Furthermore, in case of GPS enabled peripherals the console is also able to display their GPS position on the map.

Product codes and licensing

Unlike desktop solution (1 license = 1 PC), the installation and use of Datix Suite WEB requires two types of licenses: server license and user CALs (Client Access License). A CAL is not a software product; rather, it is a license that gives a user the right to access the services of the server. With the User CAL, you purchase a CAL for every user who accesses the server regardless of the number of devices they use for that access. In conclusion, the number of customers/sites manageable depend on the server license while the number of users (both internal and external) that can access the software (regardless of the access location) depends on the number of User CALs purchased.


Product code: SW SW1 - License: Single, 1 Server, 1 DB - Customers/Sites: 1

Product code: SW SW10 - License: Single, 1 Server, 1 DB - Customers/Sites: 10

Product code: SW SWX - License: Single, 1 Server, 1 DB - Customers/Sites: Unlimited


Product code: SW WECAL1 - Users: 1

Product code: SW WECAL5 - Users: 5

Product code: SW WECAL10 - Users: 10

Product code: SW WECAL25 - Users: 25