Teleassistance ticket

The on-line remote assistance support is a service provided by SAVV which includes the direct connection to the Customer's computer. This service is included in the Datix-on-line teleassistance contract. If you do not have a teleassistance contract or if your contract has expired you can in any case obtain telephone support and on-line remote assistance by purchasing a teleassistance ticket.

Price list

Code = Ticket-1H - Price each Eur. (before VAT) = 105,00

How to request and buy the teleassistance ticket

1. Download the application form by clicking on the button DOWNLOAD TELEASSISTANCE TICKET FORM. The form comes with a pre-printed ticket number.

2. Complete all the fields of the application form and send it by email to or by fax to+39.0383.371024.

3. SAVV will send a notification of acceptance to the email address stated by the Customer in the request document (Section- E-mail contacts) with payment details attached.

4. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made by advance bank transfer stating the number of the pre-printed ticket as transfer description.

5. On receipt of payment the SAVV support professional will contact the Customer by e-mail or telephone to agree the date and time of the assistance. In urgent situations it is sufficient to produce a copy of the payment advice.

What to do after having agreed the date and the time of the assistance

1. If the assistance session does not require remote connection to the Customer's computer (telephonic support only) then contact SAVV support professional at the date and time agreed for the start of the support session.

2. If the assistance session requires a remote connection to the Customer's computer: make a back-up copy of the data contained and the applications used in the target computer, download the connection software (Teamviewer) by clicking on the button below, unzip the file and notify the HelpDesk of the ID and password for the link.

Full Terms and Conditions of use of Teamviewer in connection with the remote support activities provided by SAVV can be found here.

Conditions for the supply of the service

For service Terms and Conditions please see the Teleassistance Ticket Form (Section 5).